TLC 2016 Announcement Letter


February 5th 2016 UPDATE

Hello, TLC members and invited guests!

We are excited about the TLC NYC conference for 2016 and have provided this document, which contains the necessary information you’ll need in order to:

  • Make your hotel reservations.
  • Decide on what activities from the TLC NYC itinerary you will want to participate in.
  • Estimate your expenses for the weekend.
  • Be aware of any additional information pertaining to the TLC conference in 2016.

For questions on any aspects of the TLC NYC conference, please contact: Vanessa Stovall (call or text 248-497-9750), or Jo Coleman. You may visit the TLC website for further info and to make your reservations, etc.

Conference dates:

Since we will be partnering with the Harlem Book Fair, our basic conference dates are Friday, July 15 – Sunday, July 17, 2016.

Hotel accommodations:

Our group will be staying at The Westin New York at Times Square, 270 West 43rd Street, New York, New York 10036.

We have a block of rooms reserved for TLC members and guests at the specially negotiated rate of $277.75 per night (double occupancy), which includes all taxes and fees. We are recommending that you contact the hotel and make your reservations ASAP.

Please be sure to identify yourself as The Literary Club – TLC Room Block when making your reservations to ensure that you receive the TLC rate. The hotel will guarantee this special rate until June 1; reservations made after this date may not be subject to the special TLC rate.

Rooms can be booked either by phone or by using the customized URL set up for TLC—click on either link below:

TLC’s website

Book rooms for The Literary Club conference, (


Central Reservations: 888-627-7149 or 212-201-2700.

Travel arrangements:

Due to the often fluctuating air fares, we are recommending that you book your flights as soon as you are sure of your travel dates and feel that you have found reasonable round-trip fares. It is suggested the better New York airport to use in your flight itinerary is LaGuardia, however, that will be dependent on what will best fit your travel plans.


February 1, 2016

Happy New Year TLC Sisters!

The 2016 conference planning committee has been meeting for months now, and we are excited about the events for the weekend of July 15-17, 2016 in NEW YORK CITY!

After finalizing negotiations with the theater, the production our group will be attending on Saturday, July 16 is, “Shuffle Along,” a musical based on the true-life story of a troupe of black performers who were able to successfully bring their performance to white audiences in New York in 1921. It promises to be a lively and entertaining show. Follow the link for more information:

Following is important information and a deadline date we need you to know—and act on—ASAP:

  • The cost of the production is $142.50 per person; the theater (The Music Box) is holding 50 tickets for our group.
  • The ticket payment is due no later than Tuesday, February 23, and TLC members may purchase as many tickets as they want. Payments—for this and ALL activities—(check or money order) may be made/sent to: Diana Mercer-Pryor, 4261 Woodlands Lane, Orchard Lake, MI 48323. For PayPal users, make payment to acct: Be sure to check mark each item your payment is for; i.e, registration fee, play ticket, awards ceremony (see attached registration form).
  • NOTE: Anyone wanting to purchase tickets after the above deadline date must do so on their own, and know that the seats may not be with our initial group seating.
  • The $50 conference registration fee is also due now and should be made along with your play ticket payment. A registration form must be completed by each traveler.

We want to make sure that everyone who wants to attend the play with the group is able to do so, and we are encouraging everyone to make these important payments ASAP. Please contact Jo Coleman or Vanessa Stovall if you have questions, and visit the TLC website,, to get trip updates and other info.


Let’s be ready for the “Great White Way” of NYC!

New York 2016 Planning Committee

Shirley Battle
Jo Coleman
Barbara Eppes
Roberta Gamble
Verna Green
Joyce Hart
Delores Jasper
Diana Mercer Pryor
Deborah Smith
Vanessa Stovall
Deirdre Wolff


Roberta Gamble
Vanessa Stovall