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Ms. Johnson has served over 65,000 participants worldwide with leadership development, professional speaking presentations, event facilitation, writing and publishing books, and teaching communications skills for business and personal development. She is also the founder of Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management and Mission Possible Press.

Lorraine Harris

“After 34 years, Lorraine Harris retired from the United States government. She and her husband, Lamont, moved from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to central Florida. They are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Nicole and Natalie.

“My passion is writing. When I was a young girl I was told that I needed to find another career because an author doesn’t make money. I have to say, my teacher and parents were right–authors write because they like it.

“I had a wonderful, successful career working for the United States government until I retired. Despite my success I knew something was missing. As part of my job, I traveled all over the United States. To occupy the empty hours away from my family, I wrote novels. I submitted them to publishers and received nothing, but rejection letters.

“Finally, at the age of 60, my first book, Sunday Golf was published in January 2006. Don’t let anyone discourage your dreams.”