Guest Speaker, Author & Publisher J.D. WALKER,  – ‘BE KNOWN FOR YOUR D.E.E.D.S.’


In Be Known For Your D.E.E.D.S. author JDWalker delivers a message able to transform the lives of every person on the planet! That is a mighty big promise! The promise is based upon the foundational truth that no one is on this planet by accident. We have each been created with an innate design, and a passion for something which will come to define us…if we pursue it. What are you designed to accomplish? What is your passion in life? What would you be known for if money were no object? To what would you devote your time and energy if you had the freedom? These questions have answers and those answers will unlock your destiny when you pursue the passion God has placed in you, and live it out according to your design!

Actress, Director, Poet & Commentator A. FAYE TAYLOR-THOMAS –. AUTHOR OF ‘WHISPERED SINS’

A-Faye-Adams-Taylor-book A-Faye-Adams-Taylor-photoA. Faye Adams-Taylor, a native of Greensboro, North Carolina is short in stature but a commanding fireball that stands ten feet tall when she graces a stage to display her God-given talent to speak, act, or emcee.  Her second-grade teacher, Mrs. Gertrude Morrow recognized this talent in her when she was only seven years old. Her mother saw to it that her performance skills were developed by her participation in public speaking. Thus was the beginning of a remarkable career as an actress, director, poet, and commentator. She is the author of Whispered Sins.

RevHinsonGrahamREV. CYNTHIA HINSON-GRAHAM – Speaker, Author & Publisher –Amend Ministry, INC.

Cynthia Hinson Graham, D. Min., minister, consultant, educator, and author has served in ministry for more than thirty years. Experiencing church membership since the age of five, personal transition to five churches, and the transition of four pastors has cultivated her passion to help churches to navigate the pastoral transition process spiritually, emotionally, and practically. She may be contacted at or P. O. Box 560187, Orlando, FL 32856-0187. View her website at

JO-LENA-JOHNSON to speak at TLC ConferenceJO LENA JOHNSON – Speaker, Author & Publisher ––Providing Essential Leadership, Communication & Relationship Building Skills for Today’s World. Empowering individuals to be their best is what International Trainer & Speaker, Jo Lena Johnson specializes in through her consultancy, Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management. Through her training and writing, she reveals tools and strategies for people to thrive in life, work, and relationships. Jo Lena also uses her skills to help people write land publish their books. She has a unique one-to-one process that allows others to share wisdom and creativity. She believes that everyone has at least 3 books inside them. A published author of 5 books herself, she has worked with over a dozen authors to pen their books, providing supplemental services to draw out the words and the messages their souls which to pour out. To date, she has published over 22 books. Principle-focused, results-driven, and heart-centered, Jo Lena has taught over 70,000 people worldwide with her no-nonsense and dynamic approach. Fast-paced and fun, her interactive self-discovery strategy sessions also help participants to develop skills in overcoming obstacles, build meaningful relationships and ultimately, achieve their goals. Jo Lena helps you get real with who you are and who you want to be. You can either spend a lifetime wishing you had a great life or learn NOW how to have an extraordinary one. It’s your choice! Jo Lena has been featured on Good Day LA and is a regular guest on Great Day St. Louis. She has also appeared in many publications and on various radio programs including the Michael Baisden Show, The Doug Banks Show, Money Talk and more.

Curtiss Bunn to speak at TLC Atlanta ConferenceCURTIS BUNNAuthor Speaker & Publisher – An Essence magazine No. 1 best-selling author of six Essence Magazine’s Number One Best Selling, including the recently released must-read book, ‘The Man In The Club Check’, the compelling story of a 61-year-old man who turns to younger women after dramatic events in his life. Bunn writes compelling, thought-provoking novels that give readers high-definition images into the minds of men. A Washington, D.C. native and graduate of Norfolk State University, he also is the founder of the National Book Club Conference, an organization that hosts what has been called the “premier annual literary event for African-American readers and authors.” You can visit Curtis at or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

KIM BROWN, Editor-In-Chief -  Speaker, Writer & Editor – ‘MINERVA RISING’ to speak at annual The Literary Club conference in Atlanta,GaKIM BROWN, Editor-In-Chief – Speaker, Writer & Editor – ‘MINERVA RISING’

Minerva Rising is a literary journal celebrating the creativity and wisdom in every woman by publishing original literary works and artwork by women for women. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Today’s Chicago Woman, Contemporary Fashion, National View, Naperville Sun, and Pitkin Review.